• spreading Hate speech on the internet is illegal and punishable. the computer containing this information will be destroyed. (1000 (╬) + 1 year of social service labour + a criminal record), foreigners performing this act, will get kicked out of the country after have completed their sentence, with no return rights.  (this includes spreading "mein kamf", of hitler, or fasist material of franco or the book of mohammad.[book]) nazism, fasism, sjari·ja law material is hatespeech. [speechviolation] [hatespeech] [following russias example] [pamela]
  • Hatepreachers will get deported following the france example
  • Foreign Hate preachers will not get a visa for entering the nation [banned]
  • Kosher law. halael/Kosher slaughter, is forbidden, it is considered an extreme health hazard issue[1] [2]. All meat/meat products producted this way must be destroyed by incineration. halael products can not be brought into the nation for health hazard reasons. [2a-Denmark]

  • Companies must display a halael/Kosher symbol on their products if they pay the halael fee. Citizens have a right to know where their money goes and how it is used for.[3]
  • Non goverment Institutions/ organization, charging halael / Kosher fees are illegal, and is punishable under the extortion act. No halael/kosher fee can be charged for transporting/processing food. It is the goverments job to oversee that food is properly processed and distributed, not that of religion.
  • Hypotec, if one can not afford to pay his/her hypotec, on his property any longer, he simply returns the keys back to the bank and the debt is paid. not like Spain, where the hypotec keeps going.
  • Housing: All citizens have right to obtain adequate housing for their needs. (A family without children needing less space then a family with children) Getting on the Gouverment Housing list does go in order of urgency. Only citizens can apply for a spot on this housing list. If a owner, has a building, and does not use it and leaves it empty for 360 days, the gouverment will then take control of the building, in a way it sees fit.
    • Occupying a building, by a legal citizen, is allowed and legal if the building is left empty for more then 1 year. The moment the building is occupied, the building becomes immediately a "housing zone" and the occupant (Kraker) becomes a tennant.
    • Housing zone: That which is zoned as housing, can not be re-zoned as commercial. The tennant living here can not be kicked out without having been provided another adequate living location.
    • Kraker: an occupant of an abandoned building. He does not need to pay the owner of the building renting fees, but must pay for water, electricity and sewer/garbage rights.
    • Social housing is only available to citizens.
    • studio/house - anything under 50m2 is labled as studio, anything above 50m2 is considered an appartment or house. For a studio can only be asked, half the rent of a standard house rent.
  • "Honour killings" are treated as 1st degree murder cases.
  • In the case of a hit and run the person will be charged with murder, if the accused killed the person by running him/her over. In case of bodily harm only, the accused must in full pay all medical bills/ economice set back bills of the person run over.
  • Any form of Hacking/theft/forgery/fraud/identity theft of property of others is punishable.
  • Hostage holding If someone or a group of people hold someone or serveral people hostage, the hostage taker(s) will serve 10X the amount of time (s)he/them kept the person hostage, insocial service labour. If the person died while being in his/her/their hostage holding, the charge will be upgrated to murder and  the person/group will stand trail for murder charge.
  • all Hospital workers (surgons, assisting surgon, nurses, etc) must wash hands before going back to work, before going into the operation room, before entering and after leaving a biohazard area. Failing to do so WILL mean permanent loss of licence to work at the hospital or clinics and immediate dismissal without a severance package. [refusal]
there is no honour in honour killings!
there is no honour in honour killings!