• Rape is a serious offence, the person can not plead temporary insanity, minimum penalty; 10 years labour camp and the person guilty will undergo forced sterilization. A person found guilty of rape, this person is registered (with fingerprint) in the rape registry. His face/data is shared in the police data-base nation wide. Rape If the person is falsely accused, the accuser, she might face jail time, for lying under oath.
  • Robbery is defined as the forceful and unallowed takeover and/or use of another’s property. This includes, but is not limited to copyright protected works, electronic devices, and government infrastructure. If a weapon is involved, the conviction will be elevated to armed robbery.
  • required age before one can serve in the Templar army or Dragon Order: 21
  • required age before one can serve in parlement: 30
  • required age before one can serve in the High Council of XII: 45
  • required age before one can have a pension: 65. (including goverment members need to work untill this age, to claim retirement benefits)
  • Real estate / properties / land can be bought or sold to citizens of the realm only. foreigners can only rent real estate, properties / land
  • Renting livingspace: All citizens have the right to obtain adequate living space for their families. This means that the landlord must profide the renter with: clean, health-hazourd free livingspace, access to hot/cold clean water, heating, no leaking roofs, no broken windows, no dangerous staircases or inadequate lightsources in the rented place, etc. The owner of the place can not put the renting part out on the street if he keeps paying the rent on time. If the owner wants to sell the place, he must give the renting party a minimum of 480 days to find new living accomodations. The owner must must inform both gouverment and renting party of the date of starting of the change.
    • Rent may not exceed the goverment calculated meter² renting price. living space under 50m² is considered studio size and falls in a different pointscore system. living space of 50m²+ can be rented out under appartment point score system. living space above 100m² can be rented out under the private home point score. renting office space does not fall under this criteria and/or protection.
  • Rasism is punished by law, reverse rasism does not exist, because that would still be a form of rasism. counter raisism or reverse rasisms is still rasism.
a robber/thief needs to payback twice the amount stolen.
a robber/thief needs to payback twice the amount stolen.