Gay Marriage is a civil right in the Templar Kingdom
Gay Marriage is a civil right in the Templar Kingdom


  • (Gay)marriage is legal in the Templar Kingdom, and if other nations have gaymarriage, their marriage is legal binding in the templar kingdom.
  • Gay curring camps/treatment/cures/medication, all of it is illegal and banned in the kingdom, since it is fake and is nothing more then a money grab scheme. Any involved in this kind of schemes is fined a 1000(╬) and will face 6 month labour camp.
  • gaybashing is treated as a hate-crime, if found guilty the offening party will pay 1000 (╬) + 1 year labour camp + a criminal record), foreigners performing this act, will get kicked out of the country after have completed their sentence, with no return rights. if death results from the hate crime, the offending party will stand trial for murder in the first degree. 1
  • Temporary Guestworkers MUST return home, when their temporary visa expires and/or when their work is finished. And can apply for a new job/visa ONLY from outside the country.
  • Anyone found doing the act of putting graffiti on walls, doors or windows, is fined with 1000 (╬) and 6 month term of social labour, cleaning off graffiti.
  • izlamic Girls under the age of 18 can not wear head covering. If their parent force them to wear headcovering under this age, their parents will be fined 1000 (╬). After the age of 18, they might personaly decide if they want to wear the headcovering or not. Their parents can still not force them, if they dont want to.
  • Guide dogs, for the blind may not be prohibited for entering public buildings, restaurants, shops, or buses/trains/ships. House owners may not refuse housing to the blind on account of the guide dog.
  • Governour serves a year term and then election need to be held. (S)He can be elected again for a second and third (final) term.
  • Gender - A persons gender is defined by his/her sexual anatomy, (s)he has between his/her legs. Not by the gender one feels like or wants to be. Only after a complete sexchange can one apply for a "sexchange status" in the civil records and go to the other washroom.
    • Genderqueer, genderfluid, or any other forms of genderblendig terms as wel the terms: cisgender, nonbinary gender, etc are  not considered medical, scientific, lingistic or law terms and can not be used as such in court of law science or school. The templar kingdom recognizes only two genders but understands there is a variety of sexual attractions.
    • The Templar Kingdom does not recognize a 3d gender. Biologically there are only 2, male and female (God created them male and female)
  • Groseriestores may not sell alcohol above 10% alcohol content (beer and wines are allowed) Higher alcohol content drinks can be sold by a fully lisenced licor store only.