Bullying is a crime
Bullying is a crime
  • Bank Account hacking/theft/forgery/fraud/identity theft  (including unauthorized transfering of funds from one account to another) is punishable by minimum: 1 year labour camp and having to pay in full the double amount of the amount stolen or unauthorized funds transfered.
  • If international Blasphemy laws exist in other nations, they have no authority here. Only laws made by the Templar kingdom have validity in the Templar Kingdom.
  • Bullying is illegal and punishable, if found guilty the offening party will pay 1000 (╬) + 1 year labour camp + a criminal record), foreigners performing this act, will get kicked out of the country after have completed their sentence, with no return rights. If the bullying ends in the death of the bullied person, the bully is tried for murder in the first degree. (bully)
  • Burning a Holy Templar Bible or any other Holy Bible is punishable (1000 (╬) +1 month social service labour + a criminal record),  foreigners performing this act, will get kicked out of the country, with no return rights.
  • All citizens have right to basic education.
  • illegal Bordercrossing - Any who cross the border illegaly, do not have right to aid. Only legal bordercrossed refugees have access to rights.
  • Beard Tax. This tax is demanded from any who have a long beard. the tax is 10 (╬) per month. [russia] This is to make sure that the shaving industry does not go under by beard wearers
  • Blood money - pharmacies that charge more money then it cost to produce the medicine plus a 10% mark up are held accountable as guilty of  murder. Charging more could drive the user in to destitute or even death. Medicine should at all times be accesible to all citizens.
  • Blocking traffic can be deemed punishable if live is at risk.
  • Burkini's are illegal on templar beaches.
Beard tax, not the first time it happened
Beard tax, not the first time it happened