National Holidays:

  • April 1-7 Holy Week
    • April 1 Donkey day (Jesvs entry in to Jerusalem) aka April fools.
    • April 2 Cleaning day (Cleaning of the Temple)
    • April 3 Stone day (Jesvs prophecy about the temple)
    • April 4 Lords Supper
    • April 5 Bloodfield Day (fasting day)
    • April 6 Day of tears (fasting day)
    • April 7 Resurection day (new years)
  • April 23 St. George day
  • May 17
    • Asension day
    • Prince Birth day
    • Gay day (international day against Homophobia)
  • May 27 Day of Pentecost
  • June 20* Excalibur Day (the day that everyone is allowed to pull the sword from the stone) 
  • June 21 Summer Solstice (the day the Holy Grail  appears.)
  • July 15 Jerusalem Day (day the crusaders captured Jerusalem from the pagans), 1099
  • July 22 Mary Magdalene Feast
  • Aug 1* Coronation day
  • Aug 7* Union day
  • Aug 31 Nicodemus day
  • Sept 29 St. Michaels day
  • Oct 13* Templar Holocaust day, 1307 (friday the 13th)
  • Nov 15* Templar Kingdom Independance day (Even though we do not have an official independance day, since records do not say which day we declared independance, Templar Independence day, is now the day celebrated as indendance day), 1980
  • Jan 7 Kings day (day of Nativity & day of Epiphany
  • Feb 2* Feast of the Round Table
  • March 17 St. Joseph Arimathea day

* secular holiday

National Heroes:

Hugues de Payens

Robert de Craon

Everard des Barres

Bernard de Tremalai

Andrew de Montbard

Bertrand de Blanchefort

Philip de Naplous

Odon de St. Amand

Amaud de Toroge

Gerard de Ridefort

Robert de Sable

Gilbert Erail

Philippe de le Plessis

Guillaume de Chartres

Pierre de Montaigue

Armand de Perigord

Richard de Bures

Guillaume de Sonnac

Renaud de Vichiers

Thomas Berard

Guillaume de Beaujeau

Thibaud Gaudin

Jacques de Molay