Requirements of Aplicants:

  • this oath can only be made if one's application as Frato or Monk has been accepted.

Fill in the aplication with a blue pen, using blockletters and for a zero (Ø) use a line through the 0.

Vow of Poverty


Last name(s):____________________________________________


First name(s):____________________________________________


Sex: ________________ Eye colour:_____________________


Native language:___________________________________________




Marital status_________________________________________


citizen number:_______________________________________


I,_____________________________________, hereby make the oath of poverty, that while I serve as a Minister of the Gospel (in one of the, by God ordained, churches) or as Monk (in one of the, by God ordained, monasteries) I will take no pay, nor fee, for services rendered by me in either the house of God, or in one of His monasteries (which ever one that is). Knowing God gave free, I too should give free. My vow is binding for as long as I stay in service in one of God's ordained houses.

So help me God,