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Post Templarii logo ©

Post gets delivered on monday, wednesday and friday, (if one of these delivery days falls on a national holiday, then mail will not get delivered on that day, but on the next working day.) All week of Holy Week, no mail is delivered!


  • Post/parcel delivery can only be done by Post Templarii.
  • Magezine/news papers/advertising/flyers/events notce can be delivered by any comercial/noncomercial institution


The Holy Inquisicion, has by the right of goverment, the right to ask Post Templarii, to open any mail / parcels, comming from/going to foreign/hostile nations, and to hand it over to them.

  • stamps may only be sold at the post office
  • stamps may only be printed by the Royal Mint
First Day issue (3£)
First Day issue (3£)


min 8x12cm SES*

max 16x24cm SES*

max 16x22x4cm SPS*

18x4.6cm DSS* (the mailboxopening has to be 1 meter from the ground)


SES - Standard Evelope Size

SPS - Standard Parcel Size

DSS - (Standard) Delivery Slot Size