Flag of the HTC, One Christian Europe!
Flag of the HTC, One Christian Europe!

Holy Templar Council broke away from the now non-existant Templar Council, because HTC wanted to speak out against Christianophobia. Too long are nations sitting on the sidelines and are therefore guilty of the genoside of Christians that is taking place in izlamist nations.


The Holy Templar Council is a Christian nations only Union, intended to unite all Christian nations against those who oppose freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of sexual orientation, women rights and a liberal Christian Europe. The Holy Templar Council has meetings every Saturday. The Grand Master and Founder of the Holy Templar Council is HRH prince Eugenio II of the Templar Kingdom


The main goal is to unite Christianity in Europe, and to PROTECT Europe from izlam inroads and start a Christian cultural movement in Europe and to PROTECT, Christian interests world wide. Micronations who have specific interest in PROTECTING the Christian Faith [1] in all its many beautiful and diverse forms, its heritage and its culture [2a],[2b] are urged to join the HTC.


This Holy Council does not intend on the killing izlam, as some mistakenly think. (to those who do not read: Read our goals properly, and you will see it does not read the word kill anywhere.) Although izlams [3] aim is that of destroying all other religions.[4] [5] Our Aim is to PROTECT the christain culture in Europe, from the madness that is occuring in syria (which is now spreading across the arab world) and stop Christianity from disappearing [5], by stopping sjarie-ja Law from destroying our Laws [6] . We have no intention to destroy izlam, but to allow freedom of religion everywhere around the world, including those oppressed countries where christianity is sometimes outlawed.[7] en stop the spread of [Christianophobia]


The Holy Templar Council's aim is not, trying to make the whole world Christian. Being Christian is not obligatory, rather a privilege. It is a personal choice to want to be a Christian. (which can't be said about izlam, that kills every one that does not convert) [1400 years of terror]


The Holy Templar Council does not concern itself nor try to intervere with nations, that have chosen to adopt izlam as its national faith. But the Holy Templar Council does concern itself with freedom of religion.[8]


In order to join and get more specific details, please contact HRH Prince Eugenio II prince.eugenio.ii@hotmail.com


The Headquarters of the Holy Templar Council, at the moment being at Haarlem, The Netherlands, will be moved to the yet undisclosed location, a Templar Castle, when construction of it is finished.


Members and interested persons alike (micronations and individuals) may wish to also subscribe and join the Holy Templar Council Soledarity



  • Be a Christian Micronation.
  • Be a Christian
  • Aim to PROTECT the Christian Religion/ Culture/ Architecture/ Traditions, in Europe and around the world.



  • Principality of Leonesse
  • Templar Kingdom
    • Aquitania
    • Ebro
    • Magdalena
  • Wyhzette
  • Elefthfria
  • Holy Empire of New Israel
  • Freedomia
  • Saxony
  • Kirkland
  • Ultamiya
  • West Germania



Order Policies

  • Stop izlamic nations from obtaining nuclear power weapons.
  • Grant asylum for Christians living in oppresive dictatorial, religiously fanatical, or izlamic, nations
  • PROTECT Europe from the invasion of [sjarie-ja Law], and make sjarie-ja Law equal to treason
  • Forbid the wearing of nikabs and burkas (traditional izlamic veils)
  • Forbid the destruction of christian churches [church in germany]
  • Forbid female circumsicion and mutilation 
  • Forbid dictatorial, radical izlam views
  • Forbid import of Halael products and the production of them in Christian European nations.
  • Demand freedom of religion in izlamic nations
  • one 4 one policy (for one mohamedan building in our christian nations there needs to be one church in izlam dominated nations.)
  • Ban the book of mohammad in Europe, for the containing of hate speech [russia] against the Christians and Jews
  • Implementing the repatriatism Act. [act now]
  • stop mohamedan maffia [maffia]
  • stop izlam of making slaves of christians 1400 years of slaves
  • close all mohamedan religious centers
  • the lie of isil [isis not isil]
  • the removal of the ridiculous word "izlamaphobia"! [izlamanausia]


Nations that have adopted these policies:

  • Templar Kingdom
  • Wyhzette




*'''Q''':What is the difference between Union of Christian Micronations and the Holy Templar Council?

**'''A''':The Holy Templar council aim is the '''protecting''' of Christian heritage/culture/traditions, while the Union's aim is that of '''promoting '''Christian heritage/culture/traditions. 


*'''Q''':what is the difference between the Templar Council and the Holy Templar Council?

**'''A''':it was a sister organization, of which we broke off, over difference in purpose and goal. KTC is local minded (only micronations) and HTC is international minded ( worldpowers are included if they wish)


*'''Q''':what is the difference between the Order of Knights of the Cross and the Holy Templar Council?

**OKC goal is of '''spreading the Christian faith''', while the Holy Templar Councils aim is at '''protecting''' of Christian heritage/culture/tradition.

*'''Q''':Why does Christian heritage/culture need protecting?

**'''A''':Because with the rise of a certain fanatic and demonic religion, it needs protecting. This fanatic, demonic religion has, as of late, been destroying history/culture,  that has existed for ages.([http://archaeology.about.com/od/heritagemanagement/a/buddha.htm Buddah statues in Afganistan], [http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/20/us-salafists-morocco-amazigh-idUSBRE89J08U20121020 8000 year old rock carvings in Morroco] and [http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/11/12/249092.html Ancient Egyptian Statues]) This organization intends for this to be stopped.

modren geoniside
modren geoniside

The Army of Crucaders

logo of AOC ©
logo of AOC ©

Called into existance by the HTC as its military arm, to combat the spread of izlam cancer in Europe, by pen, word or by sword. Because this time, by God, we are going to finish the job!


a true crusader: Pat Condell

any who would like to join this strike force get in contact with AOC or any of it's sister organizations like The Order 777. [war]

Time for a new crusade [Map a plan]

join our cause: place a sticker on halael products!
join our cause: place a sticker on halael products!

www.gebeden.nl / www.prayed.UK

Heeft u een van onze stickers op uw voedsel product gevonden? Dan mag u uzelf gelukkig prijzen! Want dit betekend dat voedsel dat voormalig aan een afgod was opgeoffered is gezuivered door een heilige gebed.

Dit voedsel kan nu weer opnieuw in alle gewetensrust door Christenen gegeten worden en niet langer uw Christelijk geweten bezwaren.


Did you find this sticker on your foodproducts? Then you can call yourself blessed! Because it means that this food that formerly was dedicated to a pagan god, has been cleansed, throught the praying over it of a holy christian prayer. This food is now again food that can be consumed by you a model christian, without getting your consience weight down by guild for eating it.